The Moby Dick Scholarship

All Proceeds from our book “Moby Dick in 101 Pages” go towards this scholarship. This scholarship was created to help high school students who are getting ready to “go a whaling” (meaning going to college or a secondary education).

The scholarship is offered annually and is paid to 5 selected High School Students at $1,000 per student.

Email your submissions to (If your submission is selected, you will be notified by a return email. You will then provide your venmo/paypal account information where you will be paid $1,000 to go towards secondary school expenses).

Submission Requirements:

1). State your name, high school and where you plan on attending college (or where you are going to college if you are a freshman), and how you found this scholarship.

2). State if you have actually read Moby Dick or Moby Dick in 101 Pages and your honest thoughts about the book(s).

3). Which character in Moby Dick do you most relate to and why?

4). Who or what is your Moby Dick, in your life, and how do you deal with it?

5). Why do you think Bulkington is a character in Moby Dick? What role did he play?

6). All of your answers must be original. I’m less concerned with polished answers and more with original content and honesty. Think and feel for yourself.

7). Your answers don’t have to be long or short. Just enough to satisfy an answer to the question. You can email your answers in any format (PDF, Word, Email).

8). 5 Winners will be chosen per year. You must be either a Junior or Senior in High School or a Freshman in College to apply. You can apply any time during the year, including now.

9). *If chosen for the scholarship, your submission answers will be posted on this website, but identifying information will not be.

10). **For extra credit, make a social media post about this scholarship and your submission and send proof of your post along with your submission.

Please send me any questions at Good luck! I look forward to reading your Original content.

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