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Peter Pan written in Open Dyslexic Font

Reading in Open Dyslexic font offers a multitude of benefits for various readers, particularly those of us with wandering minds accustomed to constant scrolling through electronic devices. This unique font style, designed specifically for individuals with ADHD and dyslexia, captivates attention and promotes a seamless reading experience. The distinct letter shapes and weighted bottoms of the characters aid in reducing letter confusion and promote faster recognition. The deliberate spacing between letters and increased baseline length help maintain focus, preventing words from blending together or appearing jumbled. With its thoughtful design, Open Dyslexic font not only enhances readability but also fosters a smoother reading flow, ensuring an enjoyable and uninterrupted journey through the written word.

Test out Open Dyslexic Font

Here is Our Peter Pan, written in Open Dyselxic Font, for you to try out. We would never say it works for everyone, but it works for a lot of people:

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