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He Called Me Ishmael

https://indd.adobe.com/view/dd65fe1d-2f3f-41e4-b85e-0cc8e6a1cd93 *This does not read as a children’s book. The language may be complex, the illustrations beautiful.  You can preview this book at www.ContemplateBooks.com before you buy it.  He Called Me Ishmael An Illustrated Story… Read More »He Called Me Ishmael

Audiobook MOby Dick in 101 Pages

Audiobook of Moby Dick in 101 Pages You can now listen to the audiobook of Moby Dick in 101 Pages. It is a fine, abridged edition of Moby Dick.

FOREWORD FROM THE EDITOR Who is Benjamin Franklin and why in the history of America is he so popular? Was he a politician? A scientist? A philosopher? A moralist? A philanderer? A remarkable egoist? What… Read More »

Anna Karenina Audiobook

Anna Karenina Audiobook – The Best interpretation and abridgment of Anna Karenina

Free Audiobook

Free Online Audiobook – The Island of Doctor Moreau in 101 Pages

Moby Dick Abridged

Free PDF Download – Moby Dick Abridged in 101 Pages Chapter 1: Loomings[1] Call me Ishmael.[2] Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my wallet, and nothing particular to interest… Read More »Moby Dick Abridged

Anna Karenina in 101 Pages

Anna Karenina in 101 Pages is a new and fresh translation of a classic by Leo Tolstoy